Why We Love Western Red Cedar Fences for Colorado Homes

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Wow, winter sure came early this year. Everywhere we’re seeing snow covering streets, rooftops and boundary fences. If you’re feeling a little panicked because you thought you had more time to handle your winter preparations, don’t worry, one thing we can assure you is that your Western Red Cedar boundary fence is handling the early frost like a champ.

We’ve been living and working and installing fences in Colorado for many years now, so this isn’t our first winter. The reason we work with cedar is because it can stand up to the coldest, wettest Colorado winter conditions. And as a homeowner, you hardly have to do anything. You can focus on prepping the rest of your home and garden for winter, but your fence will stand strong in any season.

custom cedar fences in Denver metro, Colorado

Custom made red cedar boundary fences don’t need toxic paints, stains, or lacquers to protect them. They can do that all by themselves!

You’d think that a wooden fence would have problems in the wet winter, but cedar is one of the most durable woods, full of natural oils that works like an armour against moisture damage, rot and insects. This also means that we can avoid using sealants and other chemicals to help protect and prolong the lifespan of your fence. Chemicals will only ruin the woods natural defence system.

This natural beauty of a fence is the number one choice for Coloradans and anyone living in a four season state. Your biggest concern with a cedar fence should be the installation process. Our team are experts on the proper installation methods of cedar fences, making sure that they are placed directly in the ground, not held in place by concrete slabs or other materials that will prevent moisture from draining from the posts.

There are many things that homeowners need to be concerned about when it comes to their home in winter, our Western Red Cedar fence is not one of them. 

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