5 Tips For Maintaining Your Fence In The Summer

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In the summer, your fence can get hot and dry out quickly, which means it’s more vulnerable to damage than in other seasons. While you can’t avoid all of these issues for your fence in the summer, you can take some preventive measures to help protect your fence and keep it in good condition through the hottest months of the year. Here are five helpful tips for maintaining your fence in the summer.

Do a Full Inspection

When it’s time for fence maintenance, a full inspection is key. You’ll want to check for holes or worn spots in wood fences and metal fences, and if you have a chain-link fence, look out for rusted or dented wires. These can all lead to security problems (or nasty accidents) later on, so fixing them as early as possible is a good idea.

Clean Up Debris

Keep an eye on your fence during clean-up season to keep debris from getting stuck in any cracks or crevices. A simple annual cleaning can extend the life of your fence and ensure it’s easy to use for years to come. Cleanup isn’t just about clearing away trees, twigs, and weeds; it’s also a good time to inspect your fence line for damage.

Adjust Gates and Hardware

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Every season requires different maintenance steps.

Make sure all hardware is in working order and repair or replace anything that isn’t. This includes latches, hinges, springs, gate wheels, and any other movable pieces. Repair your fence in the summer to protect them from water damage: When winter comes around, it’s easy to forget about your fence – but you should not. Without proper protection, your wooden fence could experience warping or become damaged by snow and ice build-up.

Test Everything

After you’ve cleaned your fence, it’s important to test for any damages or weak points. If you find something damaged, your fence will need to be replaced. Ensure that everything is intact and won’t pose a safety hazard in order to maintain a safe environment for your family.

Enjoy it All Season Long!

If you’re lucky enough to live in a place where you have your fence up year-round, then there are additional things to consider. Weather is a common issue that many people are faced with when they want to keep their fence up during an off-season. A lot of fences can be damaged or destroyed by even small amounts of bad weather, especially if left unattended for long periods of time.

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