Avoid Christmas Decor Hazards and Injuries

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It’s that magic time of the year, again. The decorative lights are on, people are jolly, and the snow slowly starting to fall in Colorado and it seems like nothing can break your Christmas spirit. That is, until you trip over a string of lights, blow out a fuse, slip off a ladder or light your curtains on fire leaving unattended candles.

This season, take a minute to consider safety before you drown your home in twinkling lights, stars, holly, and hearts. If you want to make sure that this remains the happiest time of the year, follow these safety rules and precautions and keep the holidays merry and bright.

Safety tips to christmas decor in Colorado

Switch your old string lights for LED lights. The save energy and they burn cooler, so you avoid burning your skin, clothing, walls, furniture and outdoor fences and gates.
“Closeup of mini-light” by Juliancolton

Avoid burns with cool burning LED lights

Instead of spending three hours untangling that string of incandescent Christmas lights, make this year you purchase all-new, energy-saving, environmentally-friendly LED string lights. Not only do they use a lot less energy, but the bulbs also burn cool, so you are not at risk of burning yourself or your guests should you stand a little too close. Besides saving energy and staying cool, they are just like your old string lights. They come in all the cheerful multi-colors of your old string, as well as classic white, and they’ll be just as impossible to untangle next year when it’s time to decorate again.

Avoiding injuries when hanging lights and decorations

Keep an eye on all live candles, place them away from flammable decorations and blow them out before you go to bed.
Photo by mikecpeck

One extension cord at a time

Extension cords within extension cords is an electrical fire waiting to happen. Make sure you are not overloading your electrical system. And, just to be safe, turn off all your electric lights before you go to bed.

Be careful when you stand on a ladder

Wear proper shoes, use a helper and make sure your ladder is standing solidly on an even surface. Take your time and don’t overreach. It’s better to get up and down from the ladder a few more times than to try to reach too far, slipping and falling.

Never cover lamps or bulbs

Use dimmer switches or colored bulbs if you want to create ambiance and mood, but covering a lamp with anything is a fire hazard.

Never leave burning candles unattended

With flammable decorations everywhere, be careful where you place your live candles. If you are going to put live candles on your tree (not recommended), make sure you put them on the top branches so that they are not under a branch causing a fire hazard. Remember to blow out all candles before you go to bed.

Decorate your front porch and boundary fence

When you are decorating the exterior of your home, lining your rooftop, front door, walkway and boundary fence with pretty white lights, make sure you aren’t leaving loose strings around for yourself, your guests and your family to trip over.


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