Avoid Neighbor Disputes Regarding Boundary Fences

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Most residential properties have boundary fences. These structures improve safety and security while adding structure and form to the outdoor areas. There are many different materials to choose from, and you can get your fence custom designed based on your home’s architectural elements. You want your fence to be aesthetically appealing, a certain height, design, etc., but there are some mistakes to avoid when installing it.

Fence Installation Mistakes to Avoid

Chain Link WireThere are times when homeowners build their fences and later on find that neighbor disputes arise. These disputes can happen because the fences have been installed incorrectly, without respecting property lines, and the structure could be infringing on the adjacent property.

At times, the fence might be too tall or obstructive, or the property owner might not have followed city and HOA guidelines. All these issues can be unnecessarily troublesome to deal with. Fortunately, they are avoidable with a little research, planning, and consultation with professionals. Some things to focus on include:

  • When you are installing new fences, you must take the time to understand your city and HOA regulations.
  • Double-check your property lines to ensure you are well within its limits.
  • Construct fences that provide you the privacy, safety, and aesthetics you desire in the feature. However, also keep all these other aspects in mind, as it will help you avoid boundary fence neighbor disputes.
  • If you flout local regulations or overstep your property’s boundaries, that will only strain your relationship with your neighbors.
  • Check whether you need any permits and if there are any height restrictions, etc. 

How Professionals Handle Boundary Fence Installations 

Since there so many things to consider when installing boundary fences, discuss your requirements with professionals in the field. They will survey your outdoor spaces, understand what your preferences and requirements are, and then suggest which types of boundary fences would best suit your needs.

Working with professionals can help you avoid boundary fence neighbor disputes and save you a significant amount of trouble and money to fix the structure. For more information on our fencing solutions and an estimate for your new residential fence, contact us at Boundary Fence and speak with our experts. We offer the best solutions within your budget.

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