Best Family-Friendly Fences in Colorado

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You’ve got your fence; now where do you go from here? Whether you’re adding on to an existing fence or just getting started with one, we have some recommendations for the best family-friendly residential fences in Colorado. Whether it’s for the kids, the pets, or both, we can help you get the best fences for families that meet your needs and protect your property at all costs.

Privacy Fences

A family-friendly fence is one that delivers privacy while still allowing your kids to have fun playing outside. A wooden privacy fence or a lattice fence can serve that purpose. They are both ideal for keeping outsiders from peeking into your yard and also keep your kids from walking out of sight when they’re on their own side of it. Privacy fences work particularly well with children, who are often curious about strangers — so don’t count on them to know not to talk to people they see passing by!

Security Gates

A fence is no good if it does not have a gate. Securing your yard for kids and pets can be done by installing security gates. These security gates are durable, childproof, and pet friendly. They will protect your family from any danger. We can build them to fit in your existing fences or from scratch. We guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with our work on these gates, and with these new secure elements for your household!

Dog Runs

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Not everyone appreciates a dog running around at a party.

Almost every family with a dog wants to give their pet a space of their own. A dog run — essentially, an enclosed dog yard — provides just that. Dog runs can be as simple as cordoning off a corner of your backyard with wood or picket fencing or digging out a large area and then surrounding it with panels or chain link fence. The cost of building a simple doghouse can be fairly inexpensive if you use materials you already have on hand, like scrap lumber and scrap carpeting.

Custom Built Fences For Homes With Kids And Pets

Need a fence for your family? A fence for your home with kids and pets? Look no further than Boundary Fence. We are a family-owned business built upon honest work and customer service. We build custom fences for families with children or pets and have been doing so since 1973. Let us help you with all of your fencing needs!

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