Boundary Fence Alert: Beware of the ILC Survey!

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For almost every home mortgage closing, buyers obtain a document called an Improvement Location Certificate (ILC)

This document provides information required by state statute. However, there are limitations that the buyer should be aware of. ILC’s are used by mortgage companies and title insurance companies and are often mistakenly considered legal and binding property surveys, and they are not.

An ILC doesn’t precisely measure or establish the boundaries of the property or specify the exact location of the property lines.

If a person reads an ILC closely, they’ll see an important notice stating that: “It is not a land survey plat or improvement survey plat, and it is not to be relied upon for the establishment of fence, building or other future improvement lines.”

The misuse of an ILC can create problems between neighbors, especially when one neighbor is planning a building project such as a new fence or outdoor deck.

Many professional surveyors agree that ILC’s are misused by the general public and that a homeowner should obtain a monumented land survey of their property before beginning any outdoor building project. A homeowner should seriously consider having a monumented survey performed if they live in older parts of the metro area where surveys may never have been performed originally or areas that date back prior to when modern records were kept.

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