Care Tips for Wooden Fences

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Wooden fences are popular installations on residential and commercial properties. They have a classic appeal and last for many years, which means you get an excellent return on investment. You can choose from various styles of wooden fences such as picket fences, privacy fences, and slatted fences, etc.

It’s normal for timber fences to show some signs of splitting or warping over the years, but as long as you conduct regular residential fences maintenance, these structures can last for years. Regardless of the type of features you get installed, they would need some basic wooden fences care.

Wooden Fences Care Tips

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Every year, walk along your fencing line and inspect it thoroughly by:

  • Checking the pickets for loose nails-either replace them or hammer them back in.
  • Looking for broken/rotting pickets that need replacement. (One of the many benefits of a wood fence is that individual panels/pickets can often be easily replaced as a weekend DIY project.)
  • Looking for signs of insect damage.
  • Ensuring that all vines and bushes are clear of the fence. (This helps ensure there is far less weight on the fences and helps keep moisture away.)
  • Ensuring the posts are securely fitted in the ground and that the soil has not been washed away.

Residential Fences Maintenance Includes Occasional Washing

To keep your fence free of mildew and looking good, clean it annually. Soak the panels with either with a soap and water solution or a specially-formulated deck or fence cleaner.Scrub the surfaces well using a long-handled brush. You can also use a pressure washer set at a 1500-200 psi rating. Clean the sections where the fence touches the ground.

Signs Your Wooden Fence Requires Maintenance

When you notice that the water isn’t beading up on the fence any longer but is soaking up instead (which could happen in 2 to 5 years after seal coating), it’s time to re-stain, res-seal or repaint. After cleaning the fence, allow it to dry completely. Repaint, re-seal, or re-stain using a brush or roller.

Protecting your residential wooden fence from water is another crucial aspect of residential fences maintenance. Face the lawn sprinklers away from the fence. Keep the vines and bushes trimmed away from it as the weight of the plantings can result in stress issues, and the foliage can attract moisture and insects. You can check our work and then contact us with your requirements.

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