Choosing the Best Fence Contractor in Colorado

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There are certain rules and practices in putting up a boundary fence in Colorado, so when it comes to picking a fence contractor, it is important that you do a little research to make sure that the company is aware of rules and regulations, as well as having a reputation for quality installation and craftsmanship. A good solid boundary fence can last a long time, so don’t make a mistake by hiring the first and the cheapest fence company.

doing research and analysing data

Do some background research before you hire a fence contractor.

The cheapest fence solution is just that – cheap!

It’s been said over and over that choosing solely based on price is never going to get you the product you want. And, even the cheapest solution is never cheap enough when the finished product is poor quality. All you’re doing is setting yourself up for some high repair bills, and now you’ve soured on the whole project, and what was meant to be a beautiful addition to your home is now an eyesore and a constant reminder of bad choices.

Make good memories from the beginning and go for quality and reputation, not cheap solutions and quick fixes.

Check online reviews before hiring a fence contractor

Before photos old fence in Colorado by Boundary Fence and Supply Co.

Before photo of an old fence we recently replaced in Colorado.

So, setting price aside, you should be looking at the reputation of the fence supplier and installer who is putting up your fence. Look at their past work, see reviews online, look for a company that has been around for more than ten years. You don’t get to be in business for ten years by providing shoddy work to your customers. You can also ask to see a portfolio of their past clients. A quality fence contractor will be proud to show off their work.

A big red flag when you are hiring a company is if they have changed their name. A company name change usually a good sign that their last name became tarnished for some reason or another, and they are now trying to fool people into continuing to hire them because they have a new name.

Custom fences and installation services in Denver, Colorado

After photo of new custom fence & gate with lattice completed in Colorado.
Type: Western Red Cedar wooden boundary fence for Colorado home

Check the warranties that the company offers. And, check the product and manufacturers that they work with to see if the warranties of the manufacturer match what the supply company is promising. And, when you choose a product, wood or vinyl, chain link or cast iron, be sure to see the product in person. Never buy a product from a photo.

The more involved you are in the process of getting a new boundary fence, the more likely you are to have a great experience and get a quality product. If a company is unwilling to make you a part of the experience, if they shy away from your questions and inquiries, then thank them for their time and move on to the next company.

quality privacy fences

Privacy Fence with Fascia and 2-Rail Ornamental Steel With Finials

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We’ve been around for over 30+ years, and we know the best products for every type of home or business. And, with three decades of experience, we’re up to date on restrictions and regulations for the Front Range and beyond. We’re family-owned and run, and we want to make every boundary fence experience a positive one. But, don’t take our word for it, check out our reviews.

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