Colorado’s I-70 Express Lane Opens Soon

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Boundary Fence is back with another public service announcement for our fellow Coloradans!

As you travel from home to home over the holiday season there’s absolutely nothing worse or more stressful than getting stuck in traffic. We all know we need to just relax and take our time, but with a few rowdy kids in the back, a couple of irate drivers honking their horn to no avail and bumper to bumper traffic even the Dalai Lama is bound to get a little un-zen.

Holiday driving tips from Boundary Fence in Colorado

Winter weather and holiday traffic can drive anyone crazy. Check out the new I-70 mountain express lane and drive around the chaos.

We could give you a few tips on how to fight anger and frustration, but we have an even better tip for you:

The I-70 mountain express lanes are opening up on December 12, 2015

Now you can whiz your way to your next holiday stop without growing a few new gray hairs. After all, ‘tis the season to be jolly. Going to see friends and family should be fun.
Of course, avoiding traffic and getting to the fun quickly isn’t free, so be sure to check the express lane tolls before you choose the express lane. You can check out the complete fact sheet from CDOT right here.

Spending a few extra dollars may just be worth all the time you’ll save and all the extra time you get to spend on the important things, like family and friends, picking out a tree, lighting the menorah, hanging up all the lights and decorations, making your homes, front yards and boundary fences twinkle with holiday spirit.

And remember, if you decide to brave the slow lane and the holiday traffic, just remember to relax, breathe and maybe bring a snack, you might be sitting in your car for quite some time.

Holiday driving tips from Boundary Fence in Colorado

Spend less time in holiday traffic and more time with your family decorating your home, yard and fences for the holidays.

Stay safe and don’t get distracted by stressful holiday driving

Oh, and remember one more thing, if you are driving, make that your only responsibility. If you need to make a call letting someone know you are late, have the passenger do it for you. Do not start texting and driving or phoning and driving. People are already on edge, don’t add distraction to that and put yourself and others in danger.

It’s not a race, you’ll get there when you get there, so take your time…or the express lane!

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