Commercial Fence: Combine Beauty and Safety

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A commercial fence needs to provide security for your property while also looking good. Only by satisfying both needs can a fence be considered truly beneficial for a business. There are many styles to choose from that will match both of these criteria.

Commercial Fence Considerations

When it comes to security and safety, you need a commercial fence that will keep out curious people. For this, it needs to be tall enough that somebody can’t easily step over it. This means decorative knee-high picket fences are out. Instead, you want something that is above most people’s heads, so it’s not easy to get over. It should also be made from sturdy material that provides a measure of security against intruders.

Fences styles can always be combined.

Commercial fences made of metal, such as wrought iron, are both decorative and secure. The tall, pointy ends of the fencing tend to discourage people from climbing over them.

For sites that must be secure, a chain link fence topped with barbed wire is the most secure option. Granted, these are not generally considered attractive, but they can be made less unattractive by adding plastic slats that slide into the chain link. This also provides a visual barrier.

For businesses that just want to keep curious people out, a tall wood fence is an attractive option. This type of fence comes in many styles and can be made in a variety of heights to suit your needs. These fences work well in areas with manicured lawns or for businesses that are near residential areas, as the wood fence looks similar to residential yard fences.

For businesses that don’t want to deal with the maintenance that comes with a wood fence, a composite fence is a good option. These types of fences come in a variety of looks and materials, and are a great option when you want security but also want an attractive fence.

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