Commercial Fences: Vinyl Coated Chain Vs. Vinyl Coated Fence

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Chain link fences are a prevalent type of fence installed on commercial properties. They are sleek and straightforward, can be customized, and the installation is easy. These features are quite competitively-priced, making them an excellent option for commercial properties, most of which are quite expansive.

Commercial Fences in Denver

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A high-quality fence can add beauty and protection to your property.

When it comes to commercial and industrial fences, there are different types to choose from, such as vinyl-coated fence and vinyl-coated chain link. Most people that are considering installing chain link fencing on their property are curious about the difference between them and whether one is better than the other.

Difference between Vinyl Chain Link Fence and Powder Coated Fence

There are specific differences between these two types of fences, and the choice you make would depend on the aesthetic you want to create on your property, the durability, and the cost.

  • About Vinyl Chain Link Fence- In these features, the vinyl material coats the entire fence and protects it from rusting. The chain link under the vinyl is galvanized, which means the chain-link gets added protection from exposure to the vinyl coating elements. Vinyl is essentially a plastic material; it forms a sheath over the galvanized chain-link, which creates a barrier against moisture and other natural elements, helping to increase its lifespan.
  • Powder-Coated Chain Link Fence– The fence is coated using the electrostatic application method. You can choose from powder-coating of different colors based on the setting. The chain link has a base-coat of epoxy that has excellent anti-corrosion properties. The top powder coating adds to the resilience of the chain-link fence and extends its lifespan.

Commercial fences Denver- Making the Right Choice

As you can see, each of these options is good in its own way. In some cases, vinyl-coated fence costs may be higher than their powder-coated counterparts. But many companies manufacture these products, and they come in a varying price range. It’s best to contact us with your requirements.

Our experts will have detailed discussions to understand your requirements. They will provide you with all the information you need about the different types of commercial fences Denver. They will also offer their recommendations and objective advice based on the consultation. This approach will help you determine whether a Vinyl Chain Link Fence or Powder Coated Fence would be the best option.

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