Decorative Vines for Your Vinyl and Chain Link Fences

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Wooden fences are rather expensive and hard to maintain. Especially here in Colorado with our four aggressive – but gorgeous – seasons. If the beating sun doesn’t fade your wood, then there’s all the potential moisture and weather damage in the fall and winter months. Sometimes, opting for a lower maintenance fence like vinyl or chain link is the perfect compromise. And there are plenty of ways for you to make a chain link fence more charming. A well-placed plant or vine can add personality to your fence and give your home and garden a whole new attitude.

Enhance vinyl and chain-link fences with a fast growing vine

Decorative vines for your Colorado boundary fences

Trumpet Honeysuckle is another great vine that does well in the Colorado climate. Photo by Stan Shebs via Wikicommons

Vinyl fences come in all shapes and sizes. They can even perfectly mimic the effects of a wooden fence. A chain-link fence will always be a chain link fence. On its own, it may not seem like the most inviting option, but you can add some life and beauty to your chain link and make it a beautiful border for your home. Even helping to add to the curb appeal. Even a vinyl fence can be spruced up with a little color from a flowering or evergreen vine.

The ideal vines for Colorado’s climate

Our climate here in Colorado can be quite temperamental, so finding the perfect vine can be a little tricky. We’re here to offer a few suggestions for accenting your fence with beautiful greenery and splashes of color.

  • Trumpet honeysuckle – this vine will grow rapidly, provided you give them a little root protection. The pink flowers are beautifully contrasted by the blue-green leaves
  • Euonymus – This evergreen flourishes in the Colorado climate. It will both trail and climb and comes in a variety of colors.
  • English ivy – If you’re going for traditional, this is your plant. As long as it’s got shade, it will remain evergreen all year round. This baby doesn’t need support, but it won’t mind something to lean up against.
  • Scarlet runner bean – As the name implies, if it’s got something to “run” up against – or along – this annual vine will grow quite rapidly putting outbursts of bright beautiful scarlet flowers all summer long
Gardening tips by Boundary Fence and Supply in Colorado

Hyacinth bean flower is also an annual vine grows well in Colorado. Give your chain link or vinyl fence a splash of color. Photo by Magnus Manske, via Wikicommons

There are many vines and plants to choose from when it comes to adding life to your fences. If you’re looking for more ideas, check out these tips from Colorado State to finding the perfect plant for your Colorado fence and garden.

Avoid growing vines near wooden fences

The reason we haven’t mentioned growing vines on wooden fences is that they can cause more damage than they are worth. Vines can grow thick and heavy, some will dig into the wood as it grows, causing the wood to crack. When it rains, snows, hails, freezes and all those other wonderful wet weather conditions that Colorado has all year round, the vines will hold on to the water letting it seep into the cracks. If the vine has grown thick and full, it provides a warm dark space for the moisture and wood to react. Before you know it, your fence is starting to rot under the decorative vine. This goes against the very purpose of planting the vine in the first place.

Check back in for more tips and tricks to making your boundary fences last and stay beautiful!

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