Does Your Fence Need a Gate?

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Fences and gates make a great way to keep your property secure and to define your boundaries. But, how much is too much? How should you size your fence? And, should you put in a gate at all? As with all choices in landscaping, you need to keep three things in mind: budget, aesthetics, and ease of maintenance. So, does your fence need a gate?


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It is important to understand your needs to choose the correct fence or gate.

Though your fence may be high enough to prevent someone from seeing into your yard, if you put a gate at the entrance, it will give the illusion that the property is fully enclosed. This makes people feel more secure and adds security because potential invaders won’t know whether or not there are dogs, cameras, or other safety measures protecting the area.


If you decide that your property needs a gate, there are considerations such as where to put it and whether or not more than one entrance is required. The location of the gate will depend on aesthetics and function. It’s best to avoid putting the gate in an awkward spot, like right next to a sidewalk or driveway.

For Aesthetics

If you enjoy the aesthetics of a gate, then, by all means, get a gate. For most fences, a gate will enhance the way the fence looks. Some gates are ornate and serve as a statement of the fence’s distinctive design.

For Function

Consider getting a dog door if you have a very active pet who likes to play in the yard and has enough sense not to follow people into the street. Of course, if you have an especially troublesome pet, a gate might be the only way to contain it.

After considering the question, does your fence need a gate, why not reach out to Boundary Fence today for assistance and a free estimate?

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