Everything You Need To Know About Summer Lawn Care, Part 2

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Boundary Fence provides fencing and gates for your yard, but you need beautiful, trimmed grass and lawn to complete the picture!  In our two-part series, Boundary Fence and Supply gives you earth-friendly grass treatment tips and lawn disease management and prevention ideas.  Every lawn needs luscious green grass to set the stage for any gardening, fencing or gates that may accentuate your property.  Today’s post is focused on lawn disease prevention.  Find out how to prevent lawn disease that is prone to Denver lawns in an environmentally green way!

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Lawn Diseases

Necrotic Ringspot

This disease is the most destructive disease of Kentucky bluegrass in Colorado.  Necrotic Ringspot, NRS, looks like circular or doughnut-shaped patches of dead grass.  The symptoms often develop in late summer but can be controlled by good turf management.  Do not overwater and avoid applying excessive amounts of nitrogen fertilizer.

Ascochyta Leaf Blight

Ascochyta leaf blight has become a common problem on lawns in Colorado.  Large areas of grass are affected and will turn straw colored.  Leaves of grass typically begin to die back from the tips.  This disease is more prevalent in heavy wet periods during warmer months.  The grass blades will begin to look bleached at the tips and may produce yellow to dark brown shaded blades of grass.  This disease is induced by drought-related stress and poor irrigation.  It may also result from periods of hot weather preceded by wet soil conditions.  Frequent mowing will encourage severity.  Try to maintain uniform soil moisture and this disease should quickly outgrow itself.

Proper Lawn Maintenance


When mowing, raise your mower height to 3 inches.  Keep in mind, a very short lawn is under stress continually.  This results in a greater chance of attack from insects, weeds, and fungi.  Also, mowing soon after the grass has been watered will cause the grass to stick to the mower.  Wet grass will clog the mower and can spread disease.  Wait until the grass blades have had ample time to dry before mowing.

Wateringwatering the garden

Water your grass early in the day.  The best watering time is between 10 pm and 6 am.  It is best to water early in the morning so the grass will have an opportunity to dry out during the day.


Aerating your yard once or twice a year will help prevent fungal diseases.  Aerating the lawn can be done by running a core aerator over the lawn in a pattern that covers the area only once.  However, do not aerate a lawn that has been seeded or sodded within one year of planting.

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