Free Tiny Cottage in Steamboat, CO (Tiny Fence Not Included)

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You don’t often hear stories about people giving houses away for free. Quite the opposite. But a couple in Steamboat Springs, Colorado is doing just that: Giving away a tiny cottage. All you have to do is pick it up!

Channel 9 news report that the tiny one bedroom, one bathroom, 576-square foot cottage was built in 1915 and is standing on a property recently purchased by a couple in Steamboat. If you have a way to pick it up, it’s yours for free. Now all you need is to call us so we can add the finishing touch: a perfect tiny wooden fence for your tiny wooden cottage!

For a long time now the Tiny House movement has swept America. With space being sparse and the cost of houses reaching astronomical proportions, it’s no wonder people are looking at alternative ways to deal with the problem. Many have found the solution in tiny homes.

Tiny homes are great for the environment because they cut down on the pollution caused by construction, as well as using considerably less energy to heat, cool and light once it is finished.

Residential, commercial and industrial fencing solution for Denver, Colorado

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A classic, timeless wooden picket fence would be the perfect addition to a 100 year old tiny cottage.

Being a family run business we know that just because you’re small, doesn’t mean you can’t compete with the big boys. Our little Colorado business has set the standards in residential, commercial and industrial fencing throughout the Denver area and Front Range of Colorado.

From privacy fences, security fences, wooden, vinyl and chain link fences, and gates, we’ve got the right solution for any tiny home, tiny business or tiny commercial space. We’ll even check permits and building codes to make sure you are not violating even the tiniest of city laws.

Call (303) 744-3391 or write to us for a free estimate.

PS. We also service normal size and great big homes, commercial spaces, outdoor spaces and industrial complexes. We measure our successes in quality, not in size.


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