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Your home is your shelter. We all want to be and feel safe and secure in it. Most homeowners look for strategies to add security to their home, but when it comes to the yard and landscape, it is often overlooked. Therefore, at Boundary Fence and Supply we would like to help to achieve this, by sharing with you a few simple ideas for your landscaping and fencing!

The safety and security of home and family don’t mean you have to bar your windows and doors, jeopardizing your home’s curb appeal. We can achieve yard and landscaping security by prevention through environmental design, which uses natural surveillance, territorial reinforcement with privacy fencing, access control and target hardening to deter crime.

Making your landscape burglary proof

Thanks to Environmental design crime prevention, you can have a different approach towards your home and landscape protection, making landscaping, lighting and privacy fencing more important than actually replacing doors, windows and locks. This approach not only makes your private area more secure, but it keeps and enhances your home’s curb appeal.

Security lighting

dadoed posts for fences

Well trimmed, thorny bushes and plants besides your fence can add extra protection.

Remove dark spots and hiding places. An easy option that works well is installing security lights. Motion-activated lighting can be mounted onto fences, trees or housing to startle intruders. The motion detector turns the light on immediately after the sensor picks up motion. Many of these lights are solar-powered, which is ideal for outdoor use!

Trim Bushes & Hedges!

Visibility is critical in security. According to Tulane’s University police officers, a house surrounded by large hedges and shrubs is an ideal target for criminals because it decreases visibility factor. Consider trimming bushes to 3 feet or shorter. This improves visibility from the street, from neighbors and pedestrians who can report mysterious persons.

Anti- Climb Fences

One way to make an easy criminal deterrent is to put a topper on your fence to make it difficult to climb. You can affix a square-shaped timber trellis to the top of a fence and use it as a support for a prickly shrub. Growing a thorny plant through the trellis structure provides an extra measure of protection. Check with our wide selection of fences and speak with one of our specialists to help you find the fence and deterrent you need!

 Window Gardening

Spaced Cedar Fence

Keep the visibility from windows, to boost your home’s security.

The area under windows is a priority in maintaining a safe landscape from burglars.  Consider planting low, thorny bushes, such as barberries, roses or any spiky plant will help deter break-ins. Large succulents are also a great option. You can also cover your ground under your windows with gravel. This is a great safety measure. The loud crunch of the gravel will attract attention to approaching footsteps!

These simple, but effective tips can boost your home and landscape security, at the same time it keeps and enhances your home. Boundary Fence and Supply Company in Denver can provide any kind security fencing and custom gates to protect your property. Your business and satisfaction are important to us, let our expert, professional sales staff provide you with a free fence estimate, call today!

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