How To Create Your Own English Garden

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Learn some English garden design ideas today with Boundary Fence and Supply Company.  Boundary Fence in Denver has over 41 years of experience in the area.  We have set the standard in residential, commercial, and industrial fencing.  Along with a quality fence, strategic landscaping adds to the outward aesthetics of your home.  Today we look at the design landscaping elements of an English garden.  Get design ideas for creating your own traditional garden!

from: Landscaping Network

from: Landscaping NetworkRight Angles

Right Angles

Formal gardens are typically characterized by symmetry and order.  This aristocratic design begs one to walk among the squares or rows of shrubbery and flowers.  The English garden relies on geometry.  Centered walkways, circles and rectangular shapes all combined in large or small scale to bring a sense of order.

Straight Lines

Straight lines of stones or bushes create a formal look, while soft textures and colors evoke feelings of relaxation.  You can use flowers with large soft blooms in straight lines or in rows, which will help create symmetry.   Do not use curvy borders, as this will make it feel more disorganized rather than structured.  Organize the landscape with geometric shapes like ovals, circles, rectangles or squares.


Formal English gardens are a study in contrasts.  You have the perfectly clipped boxwood hedges combined with loose riotus flowerbeds all set within a garden encompassed by stone or a man made material, such as brick, to marry the flow of geometric with florals.  Only choose one or two hardscape material elements to make a statement, and use throughout the garden for a sense of continuity, such as limestone and brick, or brick and cobble.

from: Flickr

from: Flickr

Hedge Lined Beds

Use hedges or walls to create little ‘rooms’, or squares of landscaping.  By visually creating different areas of landscaping, you can effectively design miniature formal gardens.  Good hedge plants would be yew, hornbeam, arborvitae and boxwoods.


Use annuals in lavish displays.  Annuals bloom for five months at a time and plant in symmetrical order around a pathway or gate or door.  This will draw the eye toward the focal point of your landscaping.

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