Industrial Security Fences

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If you are the owner or manager of industrial property, making sure the premises are secure and safe would be one of your topmost priorities. Security fences that stretch along the periphery of the grounds will help to protect the building, warehouses, and all the contents while adding a professional appearance to your property.

How to Choose Industrial Fences

Metal Fence

A great metal fence can provide security peace of mind.

When you are looking for industrial and commercial fences, there are certain aspects to keep in view, such as:

  • Make sure the design you opt for provides adequate security to your property. For example, a higher chainlink fencing structure or one with closely-placed bars or slats would be the right solution.
  • Look for resilient materials like galvanized iron, ornamental steel, etc. as these would be able to weather the elements better and last longer as well. These fences will stand up to intruders much better than security fences made of lighter materials like pure vinyl.
  • Include additional security features such as integrated security locks, barbed wire, or spear-like tops that discourage intruders and trespassers and prevent them from entering your premises.

Types of Security Fences You Can Opt For

With these aspects in view, some of the industrial fencing options you can choose from include:

  • Galvanized Chain Link Security Fence- This is a cost-effective material that’s ideal for commercial and industrial properties. It’s one of the most widely used fencing options for businesses, stored equipment, and industrial yard areas.
  • Vinyl Coated Chain Link– Green, black, and brown powder coated chain link fences with posts are available. The vinyl chain link material is available in several gauges, and you can choose one that suits your security needs and budget.
  • Montage Ornamental Steel fence- Companies like Ameristar manufacture ornamental steel security fences, which offer superior security and are an excellent alternative to standard chain link fences.

You can choose from metal fence pipes of 3 different weights & various diameters. If you prefer, you can opt for privacy slats as added features for chain link fences too.  Contact a reputable and experienced company for your industrial fencing needs. They will send their experts to your property to assess your needs, and you can also get a free estimate from them.

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