Leaving Home for the Holidays?

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Before you go away on your trip you probably check you have all the things you need to have an enjoyable holiday. Ensuring you have taken measures to secure your home before you leave is just as important as ensuring you have a good holiday. The following tips will help you to consider the security of your home while you are away.

Preparing and protecting your wooden boundary fence for the cold Colorado winter

Lock up when you leave

  • Deadlock doors and windows including balcony doors and garage doors. Also, lock your garden shed and any side gates accessing your property

Make your home seem occupied

  • Use timers to automatically switch on lights and radios while you are away.
  • Turn down the volume on your telephone ringer and don’t leave a message on your answering machine that tells callers you are away.
  • Hang some old clothes on the washing line and leave a pair of old shoes outside the front door to give your house a lived-in look.
  • Cancel all deliveries, especially newspapers.

Do not post your holiday plans online

  • Remember that Social Networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can be accessed by others.
  • We are often so tempted to share where we are going, or which adventures are ahead of us, but this can be like an open invitation to burglars, especially if your profiles are public and not set to private. Exercise caution when putting your whereabouts online as this information can be used by burglars to determine when you are and aren’t at home.
  • Best would be to share your stories or photos right after you get back home.

Majestic Residential Gate

Ask your neighbors or friends to:

  • Watch for visitors, but not to tell visitors you are away.
  • Contact police if they notice anything suspicious.
  • Mow the lawn and water the plants so the house doesn’t look empty.
  • Collect mail or arrange for the post office to hold it for you.
  • Park their car in your driveway at intervals to give the appearance someone is home.
  • Put your garbage bins out for collection.

Install sensor lighting

  • Install exterior sensor lights that turn on automatically when someone approaches.

Avoid leaving natural ladders and other items around your property

  • Remove items that can be climbed to access second story balconies and windows.
  • Put away all tools and other items that could be stolen or used to gain access to your property.

Make sure your valuables aren’t visible

  • Conceal valuables such as laptops and jewelry so they are not visible from the outside.
  • Secure your vehicle if leaving it at home. Don’t leave your car keys in an obvious place as car theft through burglary can occur.

Mark your property for identification

  • Engrave your valuables. Stolen items are harder to sell when they are marked. Property marking can also assist in recovering stolen property.

Holiday Safety Checklist
Here is a checklist you can go through, to make sure you have covered all the crucial aspects, to keep your home and valuables safe while you enjoy your holiday vacation:

Christmas pinecone wreath

  • Lock all doors, windows, gates, and sheds.
  • Turn down the volume on your telephone ringer.
  • Set timers to switch on lights and the radio.
  • Hang old clothes on the washing line and place old shoes by the front door to make your home seem occupied,
  • Cancel all deliveries including newspapers and groceries.
  • Ask a neighbor or friend to collect your mail or arrange for the post office to hold it for you.
  • Install exterior sensor lighting.
  • Put away all tools and ladders.
  • Conceal valuables such as laptops and jewelry so they are not visible from the outside.
  • Lock your vehicle.
  • Engrave your valuables.
  • Check if your local police offer a patrol service for unoccupied residences.

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Happy Holidays!


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