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 Low Maintenance Ideas for Easy Care with Boundary Fence!

You may have a stellar industrial fence, or a private, secure commercial gate, yet you know that the curb appeal of your establishment lacks something.  Boundary Fence and Supply Company gives landscape ideas for easy maintenance to Denver’s commercial and industrial properties.


Trees are often the focal point of commercial landscaping.  They are beautiful, serve a purpose, and for the most part easy to care for.  Trees can provide shade, privacy or just hide unsightly dumpsters or delivery docks.  Below are a few favorite easy maintenance trees for Colorado.

Western Red Cedar– The Western Red Cedar is an evergreen that can reach the height of 40 to 50 feet.  This tree is tolerant to most soils and responds the best to full sun.  The columnar shape of this tree serves as a perfect natural wall outside your business.

Kousa Dogwood– This beauty reaches a height of 15-25 feet and grows the best in full or partial sun exposure.  The dogwood is naturally deer resistant and is rarely damaged to the point of no return.  This works well planted next to buildings, walls, or even utility lines.  The expected growth is less than 12 inches a year.

Jacqumontil Birch– This tree is the ideal tree in tight spaces.  It reaches a height of 35 to 40 feet tall but stays only 19 to 20 feet wide.  It resembles a column shape and great for landscaping several in a row.


from: Landscaping Network

from: Landscaping Network

The best way to tie hardscapes and vegetation together while at the same time providing year round color and depth is with shrubs and bushes.  If you have a commercial fence or security gate from Boundary Fence, you can use shrubbery to line the fence, or a walkway.  Some great low maintenance shrubs are below.

Carex– Carex comes in a variety of sizes and colors that maintain year round.  They are self contained and non invasive, requiring minimal maintenance!

Feather Reed Grass– The most popular ornamental grass, it is tolerant to many conditions.  It grows best in full sun and well drained soil, and under the best conditions grows to upwards of 6 feet tall.

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Boundary Fence has multiple commercial and high security fence products that will secure and protect businesses and industries.  Fences with anti-ram barriers and anti- climb systems have been all manufactured in USA and meet requirements for Buy American and the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act.  Boundary Fence and Supply Company has been in business since 1973, owned and operated by the Unruh family.  Our customers can depend on quality and integrity of service.  We will sell and install the best and repair the rest!  We take pride in our products and customer service.  Your business and satisfaction is important to us.  Let our expert, professional sales staff provide you with a free fence estimate in residential or commercial, so call today!

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