When Old Fences Become New Art

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The Beauty of Old Wood

When you’re building a solid – but beautiful – fence or gate there are always a few city or county restrictions and codes to abide by. But, when it comes to being creative with wood, the sky’s the limit. Building new fences means the old ones have got to go, but just because they’ve served their purpose as boundary fences, there’s no reason they can’t go on to be a part of new exciting projects.

Great uses for old fences

An old fence has infinite potential in creative hands. Our customers have used old fences and turned them into furniture, wood art, and other useful things to use around the home and garden.

Make a good use of old fences

We’ve always got a lot of old scraps of wood, old fence, and old gates lying around our workshop. Customizing a fence for a client is our passion, but we get a lot of visits from creative people who see our old fences and materials as the potential for new and exciting wood art. And, who are we to let a perfectly good piece of wood go to waste? We wish we could recycle the old wood into our new projects, but that is just not possible, so we are thrilled when others can find some use for it.

Some of the things we know our fences have become our new furniture and all types of wood art. Instead of buying a store-bought birdhouse or bird feeder for your garden, think about building one yourself. Or using the old wood to build new planters for your garden. You can always paint the old, weathered wood in bright colors to liven up your garden.

Reusing old fences to make furniture

A skilled carpenter or artistic soul can turn an old fence into a beautiful piece of furniture.

Another beneficial use is using old scraps of wood is also great when you are teaching your kids to work with wood and be creative. You don’t want to go straight to the new, expensive wood; you want to use old scraps that can be sawn at odd angles and sanded unevenly without you losing too much money on materials.

Colorado Boundary fence and supply company

The next time you need a new fence, take a look at the old one and see if you can’t re-use some of it for fun hobby and home projects. There are so many things you can do with wood, from picture frames to bed frames.

Don’t think of an old fence as useless, think of it as an old fence that is just trying to reinvent itself into something new. If we can change our hair or our careers, why can’t a fence chance it’s function, and it’s appearance?

Colorado boundary fence and supply company

Wood from old boundary fences can easily be used to make decorative planters liven up your garden.

For new fences and gates, call us. For old fences and gates, stop by and grab some materials and let your imagination run wild.

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