Preparing a Wooden Fence for Winter Climate

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Winter is fast approaching, which means the weather is getting cooler and the days are getting shorter. It’s important that you’re prepared for the frosty climate, and that includes preparing your home’s interior and exterior areas.

How to Prepare Your Wooden Fencing for Winter

There are several steps you should take to get your fencing ready for the cooler weather. Here are some key things to do before winter arrives.

Check for Weak Spots

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Clear the area around your fencing to help prepare your garden for winter.

You must check your entire boundary fence for weak spots. This includes areas where there are large amounts of mold, parts of the fencing that have been damaged by water, and areas where there are any noticeable cracks or breaks in the wood. Check the nails to ensure they aren’t too rusty. Make sure you fix any damaged parts of the fencing and replace any rusty nails before winter sets in.

Waterproof the Fence

Winter weather brings a lot of rain and frost. This can lead to excess moisture on your wooden fencing. Preparing a wooden fence for winter requires you to waterproof the surrounding area to minimize the damaging effects of rain and snow.

Clear the Area

The final step is clearing the area of any fallen leaves or tree branches and pulling up any overgrown weeds. This will prevent further damage from occurring to your fencing during the winter months.

Getting the proper preparation done will ensure you’re going into the cold climate fully prepared for what’s to come. It only takes a few hours to get your garden fencing sorted in time for winter, and it’s worth spending the time to do your preparation right.

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