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If you wanted to, you could live in the middle of nowhere here in Colorado, barely hearing the honking of a horn or a car alarm going off in the midst of the night. Unfortunately, some of us are city folk. For those people, traffic noise is just part of the course, unless you get a good boundary fence.

custom cedar fences in Denver metro, Colorado

This 6ft. custom cedar fence is not only beautiful but will help reduce noise from the city, street, or your neighbors.

Reducing noise in town: is it doable?

As usual, every major metropolitan area, including Denver, Colorado, have strict rules and regulations for how tall, thick, and intimidating your boundary fence can be, so building a tall brick wall around your city property is not an option. But, even a “no permits necessary” boundary fence can reduce street and city noise significantly, as long as you know how to construct and install it correctly.

Any Denver boundary fence over four feet will require a permit

Obviously, the taller, the better if you’re going for noise reduction, but anything over four feet will need a permit. If you make your fence too short, all the noise will only jump the fence, so to speak. When deciding on “how high,” the adage “out of sight, out of mind” can help you out. If you can see it, you can hear it, is what we’re trying to say. More or less, at least. It’s a little like finding the perfect hiding spot when you were a kid, if you can see the person you are hiding from, chances are they can see you, too. But, we digress. Back to fences.

Of course, you can build a fence all the way up to the heavens, but if you don’t ensure that there are no gaps in between your planks, then the sound will find a way through the fence. You also need to make sure the fence goes all the way down to the ground so that tires zooming by on your street don’t slip under your fence.

Spaced Cedar Fence

If you want noise protection, make sure there are no gaps in between the planks

Construction is the most important aspect when it comes to building a noise-reducing fence. A fence won’t eliminate all noise, but even the slightest reduction in the street noise will feel like someone turned the stereo from 11, back down to a five.

Custom designed fences for commercial and residential Colorado

Find a Boundary Fence expert in your area to make sure your fence is meeting all city codes and regulations, or that the right permits are obtained before you begin building and installing your fence.

We can help you custom design a beautiful boundary fence for your Denver area home that will add curb appeal to your home, as well as reduce noise and increase privacy.

Call for an estimate. It’s free!

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