Requirements for Commercial Fences

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As a business, you want to project the best possible image. This includes your business exterior, of course, but it also includes things like your fencing. The style and materials you choose for your commercial fences can have an impact on the overall aesthetic of your storefront.

Commercial Fences Require Thought

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Consider the legal requirements for your commercial fence. Photo by Krisztina Papp on Unsplash

Before heading off to order a new fence, pause for a moment to consider the legal requirements for your commercial fence. Look into the city bylaws and building code requirements to see if there are certain materials you should or shouldn’t use.

If you’re in an area controlled by a neighborhood association set of bylaws or a business area group, be sure to abide by their rules as well. The last thing you want is to have to remove your fence because it doesn’t follow a local rule, bylaw, or code.

Once you know what style of fence you are allowed to have and what features the fence must have, you can then begin looking for commercial fences that fit your needs while also following the rules.

Even with restrictions, there are still plenty of options. Materials such as wood can be used to build a wide range of fence styles.

Metal fences can also be built in a wide range of styles. You could, for instance, use a brick base with a chain-link upper to create a combination wall and fence, or you could use only chain link. For added security, you can top that chain link fence with barbed wire, or you could add bars.

For something a bit more elegant looking, you could use metal fencing with a curved top. This provides a pleasant look while offering added security.

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