Safety Guidelines for Residential Pool Fences and Gates

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Protecting your children from an unsupervised pool

We know that we’re barely done with the Colorado winter, but the shy sunrays and longer days have us all looking towards sunny days and poolside cocktails. It may not quite be warm enough to go for a swim, but with the groundhogs predicting an early spring, there’s no time like the present to get your pool dusted off and ready for spring after a long cold winter.

Before you go cleaning the water, washing off the pool deck, and reassembling the filters for another season of Marco Polo and cannonball contests, you need to make sure that your safety barriers are still safe. A few seasons out of commission, and your pool gates and fence could have gotten a little worn down due to frost and weather, so before you invite the neighborhood kids over to play, make sure you can keep everyone safe.

Pool fencing and gates for residential Colorado by Boundary Fence

Make sure that there aren’t easy to climb hand and foot holds for adventurous children to find a way over the pool boundary fence.

Most residential pool drowning accidents are avoidable

Every year, thousands of toddlers drown in residential pools. What’s worse, most of these accidents could have been prevented, if there had been proper safety fences and gates installed. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has therefore issued guidelines for every residential pool owner.

Every parent knows how quickly a child can move. Even the tiniest lapse in supervision and a speedy toddler can scoot their way towards the pool area. Following these guidelines for your pool fence and gates will help prevent children from a fatal accident.

Pool fence safety guidelines

The most secure pool fence is one that surrounds the pool on all sides and is, at least, four feet high! But, the pool is enticing to any child, so take precaution that your fence isn’t easy for an adventurous little climber to hop the fence.

  • NO solid surfaces near the fence that could act as a stepping stone for resourceful children desperate for a dip in the pool
  • NO horizontal bars that can function as a ladder right over the top of the fence
  • NO easy handholds to help children climb over the fence
  • NO room between the parallel bars for children to squeeze through
  • NO room between the gate and the ground for children to crawl under
  • NO broken latches to prevent the gate from closing
  • NO latches within reach of children
  • NO pool cover switch within reach of children
  • NO uncovered unsupervised pools
 Customized wooden pool gates and fences by Boundary Fence in Denver, CO

Get customized, solid wood pool fence and gate to keep your pool area classy and safe.

The best residential pool security gates in Colorado

We know how important it is to protect your kids. This is why we, at Boundary Fence, offer Montage, manufactured by Ameristar. No other fence product offers value, strength, security and maintenance-free ownership along with a 20-year factory warranty.

Call us for the best pool safety fence solutions and installations in the Denver Metropolitan Area and beyond. We’ll get your safety fence and gates ready so that you can keep your kids out of the pool area when you don’t have time to supervise.

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