Start Prepping Your Garden for Spring

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If you’re looking forward to a lush green garden this spring, now is the prime time to start

We know it seems like it’s going to be winter forever like you are chilled to the bone and will never feel warm again. But, we promise you, spring will come as it has always done. So, shrug off those winter blues and start prepping your garden for spring. It won’t change the minus degrees outside, but it will help you see the light at the end of winter’s long, dark tunnel.

Get your Colorado garden ready for spring

Order Dahlias in January and February and get them in the ground for a spring bloom.
Photo by Marktee1

Order new spring bulbs from your local florist or nursery

If you’re not ready to go outside to physically prep your flower beds for new spring bulbs, there’s plenty you can do from the warmth of your home. Find your local florist, nursery, or botanical garden and start ordering those spring bulbs.

From January to May, Dahlias, Anemones, and Lilies are some of the bulbs you should be looking at to plant in the spring for beautiful summer bloom. You can also start to sow some seeds indoors in a warmer environment. Geraniums and peppers are two excellent examples of seeds that love a longer growing season before being moved outside to your garden.

Tips for planting spring bulbs in your Colorado garden

Lilies love a full day of sun, so keep that in mind when you find their spot in your garden.
Photo: “Lilium After Eight” by Jim Capaldi from Springfield, USA

Cut back dead plants and branches to clear the way for new growth

At some point, you’re going to have to go outside to prepare your garden and your flower beds for new bulbs and new plant life. You’ll need to cut back dead plants, trees, shrubs, and clean your flower beds for debris. Of course, if your flower beds are frozen solid and covered with snow, wait until you have a few days of thaw.

If you have a greenhouse, now is the time to “spring clean”. When spring rolls around, you want to get straight to planting and caring for your seedlings and bulbs, you don’t want to have to clean first. Disinfecting and getting rid of bacteria, pests, and diseases that are hibernating in your greenhouse.

Custom fences and installation services in Denver, Colorado

Repair old fences and gates before spring.
Customized gate by Boundary Fence and Supply Co.

Get rid of pests while they are hibernating

Speaking of pests, check your garden for any hibernating pests and get rid of them now before they come crawling (or flying) out this spring.

And finally, fix any damaged, broken, or old fence posts, gates, trellises, etc. Once spring rolls around there’ll be plenty of stuff to take care of in your garden. Why not use the winter downtime to give yourself a head start on spring gardening.

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If you need help fixing, repairing, building or installing fences and gates of any kind, give us a call. We’d love to help you get spring ready!

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