Stylish Pet Friendly Fencing

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As a responsible pet parent, you want to keep your furry friend safe, and that means ensuring you have dog friendly fencing on your residential property.

There are several style and material options to choose from, and you must consider various factors when deciding which fence would work best for your needs. Most credible fencing companies offer custom fence design and installation services.

Aspects for Designing Dog Friendly Fencing 

Here are some of the things to consider when designing a custom fence that would ensure safety for your pet:

Split Rail Fence

Split-Rail fence with galvanized wire to keep pets and kids inside your yard.

  • The fence structure should provide the right amount of security to keep your pet on your property. So, you need to consider your dog’s size while planning this structure.
  • Design the slats and posts in such a way that he can’t crawl through or under the structure. The ground under the fence should be prepped in a way that they can’t dig under the fence.
  • Make sure that the height of the fence is such that they can’t leap over it. This will add a layer of safety for your pets.
  • Ensure that the design does not have any sharp or pointy edges, and corners as your pets might end up hurting themselves while romping around  in the yard.
  • Look for something durable and stylish that complements your property.
  • Steel is a good pet friendly fencing material option. A strong fence will keep your pet safe, provide your property proper protection, and enhance its curb appeal and value.

Hire Professionals for Custom Fence Design

While designing your fence, you will also have to keep local regulations in mind and adhere to them. When you work with skilled and professional fencing experts, they will help guide your choices, providing details of the various materials and styles available.

They will provide maintenance tips so that your fence stays in good condition and provides years of trouble-free service. Always opt for the best materials and installation services of proven professionals, as that will ensure you have a fence that’s right in line with your needs and budget.

For an estimate of a pet friendly residential fence, call us at Boundary Fence and discuss your requirements with our team. We are here to help with the best solutions based on your property’s layout and your specific requirements. We will also keep all of the above aspects in mind while providing designs for the perfect dog friendly fencing.

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