The Dingo Fence: Longest Fence in The World

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This fence was started in 1880 and it was concluded in 1885. It was built with the purpose of  protecting sheep in the south east part of the continent, where land was fertile and dingoes had already been exterminated. This is one of the longest structures in the world, and it is the longest fence in the planet. It stretches for 3488 miles.  It has been partly successful, dingoes can still be found in some of the southern states. Although the fence has helped reduce losses of sheep to predators, this has been countered by holes in fences found in the 1990s through which dingo offspring have passed.



The 1553 mile long fence in Queensland is also known as the Great Barrier Fence. This joins the Queensland Border Fence, which stretches for 245 miles westwards along the border with New South Wales, into the Strzelecki Desert. The fence passes the point where the three states of Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia meet (Cameron Corner). At this point, it connects with the South Australian Border Fence, which runs for 160 miles southwards along the border with New South Wales.It then joins a section known as the Dog Fence in South Australia, which is 2,225 km (1,383 mi) long.


The fence varies in design but it is mostly made 5.9 feet high wire mesh, some parts in South Australia comprise multi-strand electric fence. Sheep and cattle stations in Australia protected by the fence are astoundingly large. While varying in size, some stations can be larger than some small European countries.


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