Three Things to Consider When Choosing a Fence Style

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A fence has a big impact on the way a property looks. It is, in a way, an expression of how you wish to present yourself to the world. Whether it’s for your residence or your business, you should take the time to consider your options when choosing a fence style.

3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Fence Style

When choosing a fence style, there are three things to keep in mind. These considerations will help to guide your purchase decision so that you have a fence that will last a long time and serve its intended purpose.

Local Climate

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The style of fence you choose should match its intended function.

The local climate should be one of your main considerations. Very wet climates can make wood rot quicker and will encourage greenery and moss to grow. Wet areas will also cause metal to rust faster than dry areas. You’ll also want to consider things like snow. Maybe you need a fence that snow will go through, like chain link. Or maybe you want something that will stop snow, like a solid wood fence.


Why do you want a fence? Is it to make your residential yard look better, or to contain pets, or to provide privacy? Maybe it’s a mix of all these things. Knowing what purpose you want your fence to serve will help you to choose an appropriate style and material for your fence. If, for instance, you want a fence for privacy, choosing a see-through metal option doesn’t make much sense.

Maintenance Requirements

Be honest with yourself about how much maintenance you’re willing to do on your fence. Some types of wood fences require staining or painting every year or two. If you’re not willing to spend a weekend each summer maintaining your fence, this is not a good option.

There are many fence styles to choose from. Boundary Fence has a wide range of styles to meet your needs and requirements. For more details or to get an estimate, contact us today.

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