Planning a Home Garden Wedding?

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A wedding is supposed to be the best day of your life. But, planning a wedding can sometimes get the better of even the most patient and organized couples. Even the simplest of weddings can become a big production, and there are a million minute details that you need to take care of for the big day to be spectacular.

Having a wedding at your home, or at someone else’s home is an excellent way to save money on location, as well as bring your special day to a place that feels comfortable and familiar. Of course, even the best backyard needs to be fixed up for the big day. Unless you are a landscape artist yourself, consider spending a bit of your wedding budget involving a landscape artist to help you set up the garden and prepare it for all of your guests.

Backyard wedding tips and tricks

A simple wooden boundary fence can create the perfect natural backdrop for your backyard wedding.

Rent party tents and hire a landscape artist

Before you start hiring professionals to tend to the garden and create the most beautiful, rustic, classic, eclectic, elegant, cool, fun, hip space for you and your guests, you need to make sure that the garden is big enough to accommodate all the guests. Saying “I Do” requires a lot of room. Room for your guests to sit, room to walk down an aisle, and room for you and your partner, your wedding party, and the officiator to stand before friends and family and commit to a life together.

You should also think about where you are going to be placing a bar, or the buffet tables if the rest of the wedding is going to continue in the backyard. Trees can create natural shade for your guests, but since the sun continues to move – yes, even on your wedding day – you’ll need to provide some additional shade. Not just for your guests, but for food and drink tables. There’s nothing worse than a buffet table standing directly in the blaring sunlight. No matter how pretty those trays looked when they came out of the kitchen, a few hours under the hot sun and even the most gourmet dishes will start to look sad.

Garden wedding tips and tricks

A rustic bouquet of wildflowers and twine.

While you are out shopping for party tents; that’s when you put your landscape artist to work. They’ll need to trim, prune, mow the lawn, and maybe even replant a few plants in different places to make your garden fit for a wedding. If you have a specific color scheme in mind, you’ll need to allow for at least eight weeks for your artist to transform your garden with new plants and flowers to match your wedding theme.

A huge trend in weddings right now is to allow nature to create the backdrop for your wedding. Just like eating with the seasons is extremely popular, so is letting the local nature, flowers, plants, even fruits be a part of your floral arrangements and decorations.

Custom cedar boundary fences and gates in Colorado

Make sure you provide shade for your wedding food and for your guests.

Custom made wooden boundary fences and gates in Colorado

And remember, nothing wraps up your gorgeous wedding space better than a new wooden boundary fence and gate. Or at least, make sure the old fence isn’t rusty or falling apart. For a new fence, or to fix up the old one so that it’s wedding ready, call us and we’ll take care of everything.

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