To DIY Or Not? Repairing A Wooden Fence

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Wood is a popular choice for residential fences because of its visual appeal and rustic vibe. Many people prefer wood to materials like metal or plastic but are concerned about repair and maintenance. Poorly maintained structures don’t provide adequate privacy or security, and they can compromise your home’s beauty. But should you carry out DIY or professional maintenance on wooden fences in Colorado?

Wood Fence Maintenance and Repair

Wood Fence

Wood fence repairs require expertise and professional skills.

Wood fence maintenance is an easy weekend DIY project, especially if the structure is in a relatively good condition. You need to use a power washer to clean all the dust and debris on the fence before checking it for damage. You can also sand and stain it again to extend the feature’s lifespan.

Wooden fence repair is a little more complicated and requires technical woodworking skills. If the repairs aren’t done properly, the entire fence can falter under adverse conditions. A strong gust of wind can break it if there’s a vulnerable point, which is why professional repairs are the better choice.

Professional vs. DIY Fence Repair

DIY repairs or installations are fun projects that can help you learn new skills. However, they’re not always the best solution for features like wooden fences in Colorado. Here’s a look at some reasons why an expert repair is the better solution:

  • Time-Consuming – Fence repair and maintenance can be time-consuming, especially if the fencing is long. Homeowners would have to sacrifice several weekends to get the entire project done, which is nothing but a waste of time. A professional can complete the whole project in a couple of days.
  • Risky – Extensive repairs can be risky if you’re not careful, especially if you have a large and heavy wooden fence made from materials like cedar. Professionals use the right techniques and have reliable tools to carry out all repairs.
  • No Guarantees – Professionals know what they are doing and can stand behind their work. They make sure the repairs are reliable, and your fence is strong enough to handle normal outdoor conditions. With DIY repairs, many things can go wrong, and you end up spending more time and money than required. 

Contact experienced professionals if you want to know more about wooden fence repair. They will scrutinize your fence before recommending solutions that work.

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