Use Fences to Give Your Garden Some Personality

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Once you’ve decided on your main border fence, it’s time to think about designing the rest of your garden. Think of your yard as different sections, zones, or rooms, and give each room it’s own function and personality. A little fence is a great way to section off a room or two in your garden. Customized wooden pool gates and fences by Boundary Fence in Denver, CO

A little fence surrounding your herb and vegetable garden, complete with a little gate isa great way to section off your herbs and veggies. Leave enough space around the beds so you can still walk around and prune, water and fuss over your veggies. The fence will also give this section a little protection from playing kids in the garden.

If you have a favorite spot where you love to sit and relax or read or write, make it a private little space with a fence. It doesn’t even have to connect all the way around. Just a corner or three sides surrounding a bench or a few chairs will give your spot a cozy, comforting feeling. Add some flowerpots and other plants, bushes, and shrubs to give it some personality, just like you would in any room in your house.

Maybe your dogs have a favorite spot in the garden or you love to entertain, but not everyone is equally fond of a dog running around.  Spaced Cedar FenceYou can have a little doggy section of your garden. That way they can still be outside with the rest of you, without jumping on your guests. Chain link fences are great for this project, but you can go with any style that suits your fancy. Just keep in mind that dogs can jump, so any fence keeping the pets in should be too tall for them to jump over.

You don’t want to fence off every little section of your garden, but a few strategically placed fences using different height, shapes and textures will give your yard some dimension and character.  Not too many, just to break up space a little. And for the most part, you’ll want to keep the fencing low, so that you don’t give yourself and your guests the feeling of being cooped up.

Break the boundaries of how fences have been used in the past. Be creative and give your garden a little flair and personality.

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