What Type of Wooden Fence is Best for Your Colorado Home

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The white picket fence has taken all the glory when it comes to fences. It’s time to put a stop to that. As idyllic as the picket fence has become, let’s look at all the other types of wooden fences that can help protect, enhance and enclose your Colorado home. Because there is a lot more to the wooden fence than just the picket, it’s time to let some of the other types take the spotlight for a change.

The different types of non-picket wooden fences

Colorado double drive gates made of cedar

Vertical board wooden fence – Good fences make good neighbors. And if your neighbors are also noisy neighbors, then the best fence to keep the peace is a vertical board wooden fence. Not only does it protect against noise, but it also protects against the wind and the tall overlapped (or edge to edge) vertical boards also help ensure privacy. Sometimes good neighbors are the neighbors you can’t see or hear.

Lattice wooden fence – The crisscrossed strips will create a little privacy by obscuring your neighbors view, but it will also allow for a little light and air to pass through. This is also the perfect fence if you plan on having vines or climbing plants to accent and add to your boundary fence.

Post and rail fence – This is the classic boundary fence and most commonly seen enclosing pastures and fields. It is fairly inexpensive if you are just looking for a simple (yet bold and beautiful) way to draw a line between properties.

Vertical louvers or staggered boards – this is another great way to have a privacy fence that still allows for a little airflow and sunlight.

A fence should be a perfect combination of function and beauty. It should match your needs and your personality. If you need help maneuvering through the many fence options that are available, please don’t hesitate to ask. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff are at your service.

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