What You Are Saying With Your Valentine’s Flower Choices

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It’s that wonderful time of year when people start to freak out about what to get their love for Valentine’s Day. Flowers are the simplest and easiest romantic gesture. No one has ever gone wrong with flowers, right? Well, it turns out that you can say the wrong thing with the flowers you are choosing. Before you spend a small fortune on those long-stemmed red roses, make sure that you are giving the right message. 

Picking the right flower for Valentine's Day

Yellow is joyful and is perfect for a friend on Valentine’s Day. photo credit: Flemming Christiansen

Red roses will always be the number one choice for Valentine’s Day flowers, however…

It goes without saying that roses are the most popular choice when it comes to Valentine’s Day flowers. And, red roses are the universal symbol for “I love you!

So, if that is the message you are trying to convey, then going with the classic red rose is an easy and safe choice. And we’re talking “I love you” as in, “I can’t live without you, and get butterflies in my stomach every time I think of you.” It’s not the “I love you, mom, thanks for being awesome.” For that, there are better choices than red roses.

Pink is the color of appreciation and saying “Thank You!”

If your “I love you” is more or an “I appreciate you!” kind of message, then pink roses are a better choice. Pink expresses gratitude. Of course, you can also be grateful for your friends, and there’s no reason that Valentine’s Day can’t also celebrate the love between two BFFLs, and your best friend for life will never be mad at a bouquet of flowers.

Yellow is a joyful, happy color and another color that symbolizes true friendship. You could also try to match your friend’s personality. You can mix and match your roses for a friend with a vibrant, colorful, personality. And, no one is saying you have to stick with roses. Lilies and tulips are also popular choices for Valentine’s Day and perfect for the season.

Flowers for Valentine's Day

Break tradition and give your loved one a bouquet of wildflowers to symbolize that they are unlike anyone else and deserve something original for Valentine’s Day.

The best thing you can do for the person you are in love with on Valentine’s Day is to let them know that they are one of a kind. Break away from the typical bouquet of red roses and give them something more personal and unique. Pick a wild, colorful, vibrant bouquet and give them something unique to symbolize your love.

White roses symbolize new beginnings

If you are using Valentine’s Day to say “I’m sorry”, or “please forgive me,” then the pure white rose is the perfect choice for moving forward and starting fresh.

Whatever type of bouquet you go with to show someone that you care on Valentine’s Day, whether it’s a lover, friend, or family member, make sure to order your flowers, at least, a week ahead of time to ensure that you get your flowers on February 14th.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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