Winterizing Wooden Fences to Avoid Damage

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Your house needs preventive measures for winters and snow, and while doing so, you can’t ignore your fences that protect and add value to your home. Winterizing wooden fences is even more important as wood is quite vulnerable to severe weather than other materials.

The Effect of Colder Climates on Wooden Fences

Un-winterized wooden fences sustain a lot more damage than they can typically endure. Snow, mold, mildew, and insects can trigger the deterioration process, and minor damages on your un-winterized wooden fences can grow even worse.

Moisture damage from rain and snow during winters causes wood to swell and break. The drop in temperature during frosty winters causes wood to fracture.

Sometimes old wooden fences cannot withstand the pile of snow accumulating on the fences.

By winterizing wooden fences, you’ll save up the few dollars you would have to spend once the snow melts.

How to Prepare Wooden Fences for the Winter

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Winterizing your wooden fences is crucial to keep them long-lasting.

Here are some distinct steps you can take for winterizing wooden fences before this fall ends!

First, cut the damaged or chipped parts of the wooden fence. Next, fill the exposed cracks with wood filler or putty. And last, polish and spray the entire wooden fence with waterproof paint. You are good to go! Your wooden fences are winterized for the season.

Keeping an observant eye on your fences, a few house supplies, and a little tinkering will help ensure your wooden fences are winterized on time (and save you from a lot of stress).

Although a bit of DIY can help equip your wooden fence for the upcoming winter weather, a professional can preserve it effectively and enhance its texture and beauty to the fullest.

Quality matters when projects are big. Need expert hands for your valuable residential property? Visit Boundary Fence for an estimate!

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