Split Rail Fencing for Colorado Homes

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What better way to frame your Colorado home and giving it that classic cowboy feel than the classic split rail fence. This rugged American classic fence is open enough to not obstruct from the view of the surrounding landscape, but it is also appealing enough to give your home a little curb appeal.

Split Rail Fence

Split-Rail fence with galvanized wire to keep pets and kids inside your yard.

Split Rail Fencing design options

A home without a fence can feel unfinished and exposed. A nice, simple fence can be just the thing to tie your home and yard together.  The split rail fence comes in a variety of designs and requires fairly little maintenance. Keep it traditional with a rustic ranch style split rail wooden fence, or customize it to fit all of your needs. It can also be built with 2-4 rails, depending on the size of the boundary fence you need for your Denver area home. If you need to keep your pets or kids in the yard, we can add galvanized wire to you split rail fence to completely close off your yard. It will keep your own dog inside and your neighbor’s dog out.

Post & Rail with 6x6 Posts and Welded Wire

The post and rail fence is a variation to the classic split rail fence. Galvanized wire has also been added to this fence to further enclose your yard, keeping your pets inside and the neighbors’ pets outside.

Besides its simplicity, the split rail fence is good on any type of ground, whether it is a flat, steep or rocky surface. The split rail fence is typically used for practical purposes and can often be seen surrounding fields of livestock, but more and more you’ll see this type of fence used decoratively surround private homes to match the surrounding landscape and give your home that rustic look. It is also the perfect frame to plant shrubs, bushes, and flowers to grow up against or just help tie your whole garden together. Not to mention having a place to hang all the festive lights and decorations for festive occasions.

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