Weatherproof Your Wooden Fence For Rainy Days

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After years of exposure to the sun and rain, even a high quality wooden fence can become grey and dull. An untreated timber fence is susceptible to extensive damage caused by water, fungus, and rot. It is possible to improve its current condition and protect it from future damage.

Regular inspection and fence maintenance helps keep your fence in a good condition, and you will spend far less on unrequired repairs. A well maintained fence also enhances the appeal and value of your property as its one of the first things people notice in the outdoor areas of your home or commercial property. 

Tips On How To Protect Wood Fence From Rain

Here are some tips on how to weatherproof your wooden fences:

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    You can prepare your wood fence and waterproof it before winter strikes.

    Clean the fence with a special wood cleaning solution.

  • Decide the type of weatherproofing you will use- wax, paint, and sealant are all good choices.
  • Sealants come in clear or colored, depending on whether you prefer a natural look or something colorful. Use sealants on all painted/unfinished fences.
  • If you are going to paint your fence, prime it first for long-lasting results. Look for moisture-resistant and/or waterproof paints. Buy top-quality paint that properly covers surfaces in a single coat. Though pricier, certain products also come with a lifetime warranty.
  • Another good way to waterproof a wooden fence is to use wax polish. It’s versatile and you can apply it over oil-based paint, or shellac varnish. Choose between colored or clear wax that enhances your fence’s natural color, while hiding blemishes effectively. 

What to Avoid

Just as it is crucial to weatherproof your fence, there are certain things you need to do to ensure that further damage doesn’t occur, such as:

  • Even during dry weather days, sprinklers can threaten your wooden fence with rot. Avoid placing the sprinklers very close to your fence.
  • Check the fence’s finish or paint for damage or peeling, and repaint it so that the waterproof coating stays intact.
  • Do not let leaves and debris collect around the base of the fence or gates, as that becomes the perfect area for moisture to accumulate and bugs to thrive.

Regular fence maintenance and the right finishing techniques can go a long way in enhancing your wooden fences’ appeal, while providing the necessary protection from the rain and other climatic conditions. Hire fence pros that have knowledge of different fence types and the various methods of protecting these features.

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