6 Popular Fence Styles to Improve Curb Appeal

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Are you planning on adding a new fence style to your home? There are many options on the market, and you’ll want your fence to compliment the rest of your home. If you are the owner of a quaint cottage or a modern home, there is a fence design to suit you and your family’s needs! There are many different styles of fences available. Here are some popular fence styles and their best use.

Classic Picket Wooden Fence

One of the most popular fence styles, this type of fence is the most common, and you see it as a basic white picket fence. They are great for separating your property from neighbors but aren’t very private or secure.

Ornamental Wrought Iron Fence

Pretty restaurant patio decorated with purple petunia flower box

Picket fences are probably one of the most common types of fencing in America.

A simple yet elegant design, ornamental wrought iron fences are perfect for those that want a secure and private fence.

Lattice Fence With Vine

This option is excellent if you have a small yard because it is so low to the ground. It also requires less maintenance than the other types, but it should be installed properly to prevent damage.

Split Rail Fence

This type of fence is great if you have children or pets. They are easy to walk around and also don’t take up much room. The split rail fence will provide light security while keeping your yard safe.

Slatted Privacy Fence

This is a very affordable type of fencing for most budgets. This type of fence works well if you have pets or children who frequently exit your yard.

Chain Link Fence

One of the more affordable options, chain link fences are an excellent choice if security and privacy aren’t a major concern. They are also easy to install and will not obstruct the view from your home.

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