Best Boundary Fence Gates for Front and Back Yards

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Having privacy is very important, and sometimes, a fence isn’t enough? Sometimes putting in boundary fence gates is the best solution for the job, and here, you’ll find out the best styles, how to choose good boundary fence gates, and why people need them. 

When to Use a Gate 

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Boundary fence gates are a great way to add a unique gate to your home and make it look even better!

It’s recommended that every fence has a great gate for easy leaving and entering, but when should you just leave an opening? 

It’s best to leave an opening when: 

  • Your property is not anywhere near another property 
  • You don’t have a dog or other small child that can run out into the street 
  • It’s a side fence, since not all side fences need a boundary fence gate 

If you live in a place where security is compromised, use a boundary fence gate. Otherwise, you can leave it open if you don’t have pets or small children. 

Styles of Gates and How to Choose

There are tons of boundary fence gate options to choose from. 

Some of them include:

  • Ornamental 
  • Built on-site gates 
  • Steel gates 
  • Double drive gates 
  • Rolling gates 
  • Cantilever gates 
  • Barrier gates 

Typically, most boundary gates come in metal or wood, depending on your needs. 

If you need it to close and lock, a residential gate is probably your best boundary fence gate to choose. A rolling gate might work if you want it to roll and move. 

It’s best to choose one that makes it easy to use and gives you enough security for your property. 

Thinking about getting one of our boundary fence gates? Contact us today to get a quote for a gate on your residential property and find out what types of boundary fence gates will work for your property. 

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