Best materials to make your commercial fence.

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There are a lot of materials to make fences, and not all commercial fences have to be not so pretty. Therefore, we are going to let you know about a few materials for your commercial fence, this way you can do it yourself with some materials or by contacting us.

Types of commercial fences.

There are several types of fences, all from residential fences to commercial fences. Some of the commercial fence types are: interior, exterior, security fencing, dog kennels, windscreens, perimeter fencing, agricultural fencing, school fencing, fencing for military airfields and prisons, ranch rails or farm fencing, as well as tennis courts and sports venue fencing.


Materials to make your commercial fence.

There’s everything from chain link for fences to masonry, to make your commercial fence look unique.

Chain link fences can also be decorated

Metal: There are different types of metal fences like aluminum, wrought iron, and chain-link fencing. Metal fences tend to be inexpensive and can last decades or longer with proper care.

Wood: Is one of the most attractive and classic materials that work in any style, it is also can be cheaper than other options. Teak, cedar and redwood are popular because of their durability. Wood fencing can last a couple of decades or more if you take care of it correctly.

PVC: For fencing it reduces cost and increases durability. You can’t beat PVC, which often works as the stakes, post sleeves and pickets.

Composite: It is made out of wood fibers and plastic. It looks like wood but with the durability of plastic. It won’t rot as badly as wood and its more resistant to pests. Its quality varies depending on its price.

Fences styles can always be combined.

Masonry Style: It’s an overlooked style of “fencing”, this includes styles like concrete, brick, block, stone or stucco. It is known for its longevity, lasting over a hundred years with proper maintenance. It’s pricey, but usually worth it because of its durability.

Vinyl: This is the superstar of the fencing world, mostly on gates, it is both stronger and more flexible than wood. Vinyl is pricey, but its maintenance free and very easy to clean, and it lasts up to 30 years!


These are just several types of materials to make your commercial fence look different and unique. You can contact us, so we can make your fence as special and beautiful as you would like, together. Or here to get your free estimate.


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