Causes of Sagging Front and Back Gates in Colorado

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Thanks to time and gravity, eventually everything starts to sag and droop a little. From your face to your front gate. When it comes to our bodies, we have lotions, potions, and medical science to help us keep everything “where it should be”. When it comes to a droopy front gate, you have the Boundary Fence crew.

Professional gate contractors and installation experts in Denver, Colorado

Metal Gate
Usually, when things start to sag it is due to lack of movement and exercise, but when it comes to a saggy gate, the chances are that too much “exercise” has caused the hinges or side posts to move a little, or get work down causing the gate to begin to sag. Even the most professionally installed gate will need a little pick-me-up over time, but sometimes, the installation is to blame for the downfall of your gate.

Most commonly, it is the gate posts that are to blame. A beautiful, solid, custom built gate is heavy, and it requires the right size post to be able to hold it up and in place. Either sloppy craftsmanship or aesthetic reasons have caused homeowners to choose a much too small post for the size of the gate. When you go to install a gate, make sure you talk to a professional gate contractor about the right specifications for your gate and the surrounding posts, to ensure that your gate stays level for a long time to come.

Faulty installation could be the reason your gate is sagging

wood gate Wooden gates are heavy and will require more solid posts to hold it in place, but chain link or vinyl gates are a little lighter, and, therefore, can get away with smaller posts. You can also talk to us about building and installing your gate using an “anti-aging” kit (wait, no, that’s your face), you can use an “anti-sagging” kit for your gate, to give it extra support. This can be especially useful for big, solid, sturdy wooden gates.

At Boundary Fence we’ve designed, built, and installed gates throughout the Front Range of Colorado and know exactly what types of specifications each type of gate and fence needs. Leave the installation process up to us. All you have to do is make sure that when you use your gate, always leave it closed and hinged, as this is part of the support system that will keep your gate from putting too much pressure on one set of hinges, or one of the side posts, causing your gate to sag.

Call us for new gate installations, or if you need us to come and give your old gate a lift!

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