Christmas is around the corner!

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Once again Christmas is here! It is the best time of the year, we gather as a family, we eat the best food and we can finally snowboard once again! ūüôā However, some precautions need to be made as well. When we are having fun some might take advantage and attempt to break into our house. Take some precautions and avoid returning to an empty house! Merry Christmas from all of us at Boundary Fence.


Holiday Safety Checklist
Here is a checklist you can go through, to make sure you have covered all the crucial aspects, to keep your home and valuables safe while you enjoy your holiday vacation:


  • Lock all doors, windows, gates, and sheds.
  • Turn down the volume on your telephone ringer.
  • Set timers to switch on lights and the radio.
  • Hang old clothes on the washing line and place old shoes by the front door to make your home seem occupied,
  • Cancel all deliveries including newspapers and groceries.
  • Ask a neighbor or friend to collect your mail or arrange for the post office to hold it for you.
  • Install exterior sensor lighting.
  • Put away all tools and ladders.
  • Conceal valuables such as laptops and jewelry so they are not visible from the outside.
  • Lock your vehicle.
  • Engrave your valuables.
  • Check if your local police offer a patrol service for unoccupied residences.

Boundary Fence and Supply Company

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Established in 1973, Boundary Fence & Supply Company is still owned and operated by Darrell and Kathi Unruh. With over 41 years of experience in Denver and the surrounding areas, our customers can depend on quality. We have set the standard in residential, commercial, and industrial fencing. Because we are family owned and operated, we take pride in the quality of our products and in the service we provide our customers. Our company is licensed and insured. In addition, all city permits are obtained when necessary by our company. Boundary Fence also takes care of all public utility locates.

Your business is important to us! Let our expert, professional sales staff provide you with a free fence estimate. Please feel free to contact us, so we can assist you regarding all your fencing needs!


Happy Holidays!

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