Don’t Get Caught in a Fence Dispute: Choose the Right Residential Boundary Fence

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A fence creates a boundary between two properties, and the type of fence you choose can have a big impact on your home’s value and your neighbors’ satisfaction with your property. Residential boundary fences have several styles, so it’s important to choose the right one that fits both your aesthetic tastes and needs.

Add Curb Appeal

Western Red Cedar Fencing

There is more to installing a new residential fence than just picking out your favorite style.

There is more to installing a new residential fence than just picking out your favorite style. You also need to consider what height and design will best fit your property. The type of boundary fences you choose can make or break your curb appeal, so it’s important to get this detail right before you begin installation.

The Neighbors

The one thing that every homeowner would like to avoid is running into neighbor disputes when installing a residential boundary fence. The first consideration is what style of boundary fence is right for your home. There are two styles of wooden fences to choose from – lattice and panel. Lattice fences are also known as slats or picket fences, while panel fences are also called horizontal or vertical fences.

Maintenance Tips

Installing a boundary fence is an investment that can last for decades. Even though they are designed to stand up to tough weather, it’s still important to maintain your fence, so it lasts as long as possible. Periodically washing your fence will help keep dirt and debris away, ensuring that when you do need repairs or replacements, they are easier and less expensive.

The Law

When choosing a boundary fence, it’s important to know your perimeters. Check with your city or county for laws and ordinances that might restrict you from installing certain types of fences. For example, some areas have strict regulations about how tall you can build your fence, and what materials are allowed. So make sure you know where the boundaries lie so you don’t get caught in a dispute with your neighbor.

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