Ever Wondered Where Barbed Wire Came From?

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Life in the American West was reshaped by a series of patents for a simple tool – barbed wire – that helped ranchers tame the land.

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Before barbed wire

The lack of effective fencing limited farming and ranching practices, and the number of people who could settle in an area. The new fencing changed the West from vast and undefined prairies/plains to a land of farming, and widespread settlement.

Without fencing, livestock grazed freely, competing for fodder and water. Where working farms did exist, most property was unfenced and open to foraging by roaming cattle and sheep.


The first wire fences

The first fences consisted of only one strand of wire usually broken by the weight of cattle pressing against it.

From: wikipedia

Image source: wikipedia

Michael Kelly made a significant improvement to wire fencing, he twisted two wires together to form a cable for barbs – the first of its kind. Known as the “thorny fence,” Michael Kelly’s double-strand design made fences stronger, and the painful barbs made cattle keep their distance.

Later Joseph Glidden invented a method for locking the barbs in place, and invented the machinery to mass-produce the wire (patent issued in 1874). Today, it remains the most familiar style of barbed wire.


Warfare & Security

After its invention, barbed wire was widely used during wars, to protect people and property from unwanted intrusion. Military usage of barbed wire formally dates to 1888, when British military manuals first encouraged its use. Even now, barbed wire is widely used to protect and safeguard military installation, to establish territorial boundaries, and for prisoner confinement. Used on construction and storage sites and around warehouses, barbed wire protects supplies and persons and keeps out unwanted intruders.

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