Is your Fence ready for winter? Follow these tips…

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 With the colder months already starting to show themselves, some precautions need to be taken around our household.

canada geese over boulder, coOutdoor areas like decks patios gates and fences need to be looked at so they endure winter in good shape. Water and exposure to the elements can certainly affect the life span of your fence, unless you take some precautions. Take the time to add some sealant to your fence and outdoor structures, and they will stand their ground for many more years to come.

Splash some water. If the water soaks into the wood, it’s time to apply a sealant to the fence.

Hose the fence down with water to remove any dirt and debris from the fence. Use a pressure washer to help remove stubborn debris. Allow the fence to dry completely. This could take a couple days.

Choose the finish. Water sealants come in both clear and tinted varieties. Selecting a tinted variety can restore color and luster to the fence.

Pour the sealant in a flat-pan, or paint trough.

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Dip a long or short handle rolling brush, or paint brush into pan, and move the brush around so it’s coated evenly. Make sure you are using a fresh, clean brush on the roller frame.


Roll the brush onto the fence. Put pressure on the brush so sealant gets into the grooves, cracks and crevices.


Apply the sealant to the other side of the fence.


Spray water on the fence after the sealant has completely dried; drying could take several hours. If water beads and doesn’t soak into the wood, you have sealed the fence. If not, apply an additional coat of sealant to the wood.

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