Maintaining and Protecting Your Wooden Fence

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Your fence is a vital aspect of your property. Not only does it improve the security of your property, but also adds elegance, privacy and style. Just as you must choose the right fencing materials and fence company Denver for the job, it’s equally vital that you maintain the feature well. A deteriorated, or dilapidated feature will make your home look unloved and uninviting and will impact the curb appeal and value of your property.

Wooden Fence Maintenance

Wooden fences have a classic appeal and many people still prefer these over newer, manmade materials. Keeping up with the overall maintenance of your wood fencing is vital. Neglecting to do so will mean you have to deal with replacement costs. If you decide to sell your house, a well-maintained fence can increase its appeal to prospective homeowners.

Wood Walk Gate

Wooden fences are elegante and beautiful, but without the proper maintenance they could get damaged.

Some Tips

  • Make sure you pressure-wash your fences regularly. When exposed to the outdoor weather, the feature can collect dirt, residue and debris that is tough to remove, which ultimately mars its appearance. Cleaning it with a pressure washer is effective in removing the toughest grime and stains.
  • Over time, the residential wooden fence paint is likely to chip off or peel. Chipped paint won’t impact the structure’s strength or integrity, but will affect its appearance. If you have a painted fence, it’s an excellent idea to touch-up the finish annually. Scrape-off peeling paint, sand the surface lightly and repaint that spot to keep it looking new.
  • Termite infestations can affect the solidity of the fence and impact its integrity. It’s crucial to get fence maintenance done by professionals at least once a year. As part of this maintenance, they will inspect the entire feature and make sure it’s stable and not targeted by termites. If they notice any problems, they will inform you about it and recommend fence repairs Denver. They will also apply an anti-termite coating to prevent these problems.
  • Another crucial step in fence maintenance is to apply a wood sealant on the surfaces. This protects the wood from humidity and water damage that can result in rotting. Apply the sealant annually to keep your fence in good condition.

Just as regular maintenance of residential fences is crucial, it’s also necessary that you opt for the best fencing products and installation by a skilled and reputable company. When you contact them and discuss your requirements, they will ensure you get a superior, low-maintenance fence for your property.

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