The Many Functions And Styles To Consider When Choosing A Fence

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A fence has a noticeable impact on your property’s outdoor appearance, which is why you need to choose one carefully. There are dozens of styles, material options, and types of fencing available in the market. Many of them enhance the beauty of the residential property while providing security at the same time. If you have trouble choosing the right fence styles, consider the advice mentioned below. 

Choosing A Fence That Meets Your Needs

Taking the classic split rail fence and painting it black will give your property a modern look and make all the colors pop.

It is important to consider the purpose of your fence. Do you need more security, privacy, or just want to add a decorative element? There are three main factors to consider while choosing a fence: 

  • Privacy – Some fences don’t provide enough privacy and are easy to see through. For example, picket or wire fences don’t provide any kind of privacy. They are designed to mark borders or control access to the property. 
  • Security – Many fences available in the market don’t provide enough security. They can be easy to bypass and don’t fully restrict access. You need tall fences made with sturdy materials to ensure no one can enter your property without permission. 
  • Ambiance – Fences aren’t always aesthetically pleasing. Some structures are designed to be practical and functional instead of attractive. If you want to add to the beauty of the backyard, choose more ornamental fence styles.

Speak with an experienced fence installer if you want to know more about the different options available in the market. They will consider your requirements carefully and offer unbiased recommendations. 

Fence Styles To Consider

Every fence style has something unique to offer. You can choose a style that checks all of the boxes once you have figured out your priorities. 

  • Lattice – Lattice-style fences are ideal for people looking for privacy and security. The fence has a lattice design and comes in wood, metal, or vinyl materials. These fences don’t just protect your property, but also look great.
  • Split – Split fences are popular in farmhouses and cottages. They help keep animals inside property lines and mark out a clear boundaries. However, they don’t provide much security or privacy.
  • Picket – Picket fences are a charming addition to any property. They are usually made from wood, but you can find plastic or vinyl options available in the market as well.
  • Ornamental – Ornamental fence styles look great and offer some level of security. People install them to improve the property’s appearance and create a strong boundary.

Get a free estimate and consultation from a professional before hiring them to install a fence. They will offer advice on different materials and help you make an informed decision.

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