Trick or Treating Safety Tips for Parents

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Keeping your children safe is every parent’s number one priority. We know this, because, at Boundary Fence, we spend a lot of our time helping families keep their kids safe from pools, from running out into the street, from keeping strangers and intruders out and shielding you from your neighbor’s dog. A fence is a multi-purpose tool against many dangers and an ideal aid in keeping your kids safe at home. But, it’s Halloween time, so it’s time to open up the gates and let your kids roam the streets in search of candy.

Halloween safety tips for parents by Boundary Fence in Colorado

Pick a well-lit neighborhood with minimal traffic to Trick or Treat on Halloween. Go over your route before hand so that your kid knows the way, in case you get separated.

We know you’ll be accompanying them from door to door, or at least keep a safe distance with the other parents, so your kids feel a sense of independence. But with the streets lined with masked and costumed kids of all ages, as well as adults, it’s important that you set some ground rules before the mayhem ensues.

Do a walkthrough of your route

It’s not a bad idea to go over the route you are going to be walking. If it’s in a neighborhood that your child is not familiar with, like a friends neighborhood, take a walk around in the daytime with your kid so that they know where they are going. It’s easy to get lost in all the excitement of filling up your candy bucket. Practicing the route will help your child stay calm and find their way back.

Trick or Treating safety tips for Colorado parents

Putting a mask on your child can be blinding and suffocating. Stick to face-paints, and free up your child for Trick or Treating.

Costume safety

There is going to be a lot of running, screaming, jumping, skipping and walking so make sure your child’s costume isn’t a hindrance. The goal is still to get as much candy as possible. That means superheroes shouldn’t be tripping over their capes, princesses falling in their heels or wizards accidentally poking each other in the eye with their wands. And everyone should be able to see and breathe through their mask.

Stay in well-lit neighborhoods

If you can, stick to neighborhoods with light traffic or cul de sacs. Remind your kids never to run into the street or cross without supervision. Go over traffic safety before you leave the house. Stick to well-lit areas and don’t approach houses where the lights are off. Pay attention to any signs that warn trespassers about dogs or pets.

Trick or Treating safety tips for Colorado parents

Reeses Pieces and Peanut Butter Cups are amongst the most popular Halloween candy. Make sure they come in the original wrapper before letting your kids indulge.
Photo By: Evan-Amos

Check all the candy

Whether you’re giving your child free reign to eat all the candy they want, or you’re going ration their candy, you need to check every piece of candy before handing it over. Anything that’s not in the original wrapper or has been opened should be tossed.

Everything else is fair game. Eat up!

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