Fall Garden Planning and What Your Yard Needs This Month!

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What To Plant Now?

Weather is cooling down, which means autumn is around the corner!  What can you be planting this time of year, and what needs to be done to your yard to keep it beautiful for winter?  Boundary Fence and Supply Company in Denver has the answers!  In our two part series on fall gardening, we will tell you what to plant now, how to plan for your garden this fall and how to care for your yard now in preparation for winter!  Fall is the best time to plan your vegetable garden.  Read about which plants do best in your region and research their planting and growing season.  Design the layout for your beds, and stake the ground.  Before you know, it will be time to plant!

Gardening TipsVegetables for September

Great crops to plant for fall!  Lettuce, spinach, radishes, Swiss chard, kale and arugula are a few plants that do best when planted this time of year in September.  If soil is compacted and dry, water first.  Wait several days and fluff the soil by hand tilling.  Use fresh potting soil to grow crops in containers with a slow-release fertilizer.


Any herbs you may have in your garden, you will want to replant them before winter.  Dig, from the roots, and place in pot with potting soil.  Place by a sunny window to enjoy all year!  Be sure to treat insects and leave outside in the pots for several weeks before bringing inside.

Flowering Plants

NHow does your garden grow?ow is the perfect time to plant fall asters, pansies and mums to enjoy before the first snow.  For perennials, divide and plant now.  This will give them time to recover before winter.  Dig up your dahlias, cannas, begonias, callas, gladiolus and other winter- shy bulbs after the first frost.  Dry the bulbs for a few days and store in sawdust and put in a cool, dry place until next year.  If you have any geraniums, take cuttings now, before frost and root them in a moist potting soil for next summer’s crop.


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