Why You Need a Pool Fence

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If you’re planning on building a pool in your backyard, you may have already thought about ways to keep your kids and pets safe while they’re playing around the water. One important safety feature that many people forget about, however, is the need for a pool fence. A pool fence isn’t just to keep pets out of the pool; it also keeps kids from running into the water when they don’t know how to swim. Here are some great reasons why you need a pool fence.

Pool Fences Save Lives

Pool safety fences and gates for Colorado residential pools by Boundary Fence

Though pool fences are simple in design and not a large investment.

Though pool fences are simple in design and not a large investment, drowning remains one of America’s leading causes of accidental death among children aged 1-4. Make sure your family is protected with a sturdy and safe pool fence. A pool fence installation could save lives—yours and those of your loved ones and pets. 

Pool Fences Keep Children and Pets Safe

When children are unattended, even for brief periods of time, they have an increased risk of drowning. In fact, two out of three child drownings occur when no one is supervising them at home. A pool fence can help keep your children safe—as long as it’s properly installed and maintained. 

It is also important to keep in mind that pets can get into trouble with no supervision just as easily as kids. Dogs are most likely to jump into pools and go for a swim, but cats and other animals can fall in too. Never leave your pet alone around water; even if you have an above-ground pool.

Other Risks if You Don’t Have a Pool Fence

Some states have strict pool fence laws requiring homes with pools to install fences around them. Local governments in these areas will typically issue citations and fines if there isn’t a fence. The other risk is that if an accident occurs with guests or neighbors, they could sue you and would more than likely win if you don’t have a pool fence.

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